Thursday, March 16, 2006

long time no blog
and this isn't exactly a fantastic return but I thougt I would post this old sketch for
the If topic. it looks a little more like a shirt than a body tattoo but I never took it beyond

And an editorial illustration for the Asian Wall Street Journal from last year.

and about few years back I was asked to do a painting for a show based around Sandy Mctire, the guy on the
Canadian Tire money who most Canadians will recogize. Pretty silly idea and the show actually ended up
not happening but for some reason this painting still makes me laugh and hangs in our basement. Go MctIre Go!


shliknik said...

Glad to see you back. I've been checking your blog since I have ya bookmarked, but noticed no updates recently. illo as usual. Yeah, looks a little like a shirt but no biggie.

keep posting!

Drazen said...

Thanks shliknik! I'll have some bigger updates
in the next month or so. Did a little blog hibernating.
I was going to fix the shirt effect back when I did it but
never got around to it.Thanks for not minding.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Bout time ya posted something new ;)

I know, you 've been a busy lad .

Hadn't seen the tatoo piece before, love the expressions. Nice WSJ illo too.

georg said...

I like your images very much and I look forward to see your next illos here - Yes! You have your very own style, there are so much personality in your images

Kactiguy said...

Drazen! Glad you're back. Nice pieces. I didn't even know there was an Asian WSJ. I keep laughing everytime I look at the bottom one. It's so....odd.

Unknown said...

:) great and funny!

Anonymous said...

Yah, shame on you for leaving us with no updates for so long................ ;-))

Your work is always excellent Drazen, and these are no exception.

Unknown said...

WOOOHOOO!! Great to see your new artworks!! THese are awesome!! THe top one is my favourite!! Funny!

carla said...

Hey Drazen! It's good to see you back:>>>> I love your tattooed guy...yes, it looks like a shirt, but that's what they call it when a person's inked all over like that, right? I love how he's just walking down the street, minding his own business...

Although I have no idea who Sandy Mctire is, I think this a great painting. I love the flaming eyeball! I want one!

Promise you'll not go away again...please:>

Fulton Beal said...

Blazoned in suit or the tie
Why surely I think I would die
To don up those clothes
For my skin, why it glows
With ink, and that is no lie

Agreed, in the winter its cold
Its no reason to break from this mold
And when people say "Hey!"
Its my tats paved the way
For that, dear fellow, I'm sold

Great to see you blogging again Drazen, love the painting

Martin Wittig said...

Very nice illustrations! Beautiful color,design and composition!

Drazen said...

Thanks Dom, Georg,Guy, tulipland,Denis,Alina.
Carla, I'll try not to stay away for so long. Canadian Tire is a home appliance, Hardware ect kind of store and when you buy stuff they give you Canadian tire money that you can collect and reimburse for stuff later on. I don't have any on hand to scan at the moment. Old Sandy Mctire is on the Money,
I did some research at the time I did the painting on the history but I've forgotten most of it.
However Sandy beat out another design of Athena and her two hounds so thats why they are all
angry like in clouds.
Ahh a Cheeay poem..HURRAY
and thanks Martin.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have my favorite Canadian illustrator (thems fightin' words, I'm sure) back!

I'm looking forward to seeing your boards for Wubbzy in action.

Drazen said...

Hey Michael, Thanks!
whatever good there is in my board are due to the brilliant Wubbzy board Supervisor, KarlToerge,
yeah yeah YEaH!
Thanks Karl.