Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I've been enjoying these old Wonder Women comics, apart from the low angle leggy cover shots the back up stories are why I particularly like them especially Bob Oksner's Lady Danger which I would love to see collected. There's also good stuff like Reptile Girl.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Eliza and the Wraith

The Abominable Mandarin Orange Souffle of the House of Usher

I had posted some images from a Price cookbook on his birthday on friday with the quip it was maybe time to do the souffle in his honor.  I didn't expect to be taunted and bullied.  But I took the challenge and even bought a snazzy souffle dish that only took me 7 stores to find.  It wasn't easy, you try grabbing the last of the cream of tartar from the clutches of a dead man. It has its compensation tho, like the orange liqueur  which I made some fruity icy drinks from. I didn't realize that  the one I posted was not a  cheese souffle  but mandarin orange one. Not my favorite desert. Having only the text to go by it started off promising  but towards the end it seemed to fall apart and wasn't sure what I had when I put it into the fridge to chill for the night. I was nervous when I tried it in the morning and surprisingly it was really good. I was able to pass it off at lunch  get together and it got rave reviews and all eaten  up, even by a finicky frenchman.  Next time I'm going for a cheese one tho. What surely must be  one of the most shocking  cases of spectral photography my own face appears to have been invaded by the ghostly face of Price which I'll take as a sign of his approval.
Also a  bonus Catwoman sketch. I don't often draw superheroes but was reading some Lois Lanes with cool golden age reprint stories and had a urge
Perhaps a good take away moral might be stand up to souffle bullies.