Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 GhostCats

a GhostDog and elastic  pants.
Taking care of my sister cats making sure these little tubbies don't waste away while they are in Switzerland which is close by so I'm catching up on some Netflix that I don't have. THE PUNK SINGER which was great. I'm a fan of her bands and have seen them so I knew I'd like it and I saw INSIDIOUS which was really tough to sit through it was so lousy. MUSCLE SHOALS which was great tho I can't say I'm fan of the stuff that was recorded there later in the seventies and any time I have to listen to Bono its torture.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Going to have a nice seafood dinner tonight courtesy of my brother in law as I'm taking care of their cats for the next three weeks. Picked up these visiionary landscapes this afternoon after the gym.
I'm tempted to paint in some spooks and put some sixties horror paperback lettering on them. Probably my fav Vega solo record, its pretty amazing, I'm a big fan of the band Suicide.

Over at AEET Karswell posted an amazing Man Bat story by Frank Robbins. I love Robbins work. As a kid I remember seeing his stuff and going " meh 'when I didn't know better, now he's one of the guys who did superhero comics in the seventies  that I pick up if I run across the issues. I"m also consumed by rage  ( not really but it does bum me out) when I think of being outbid on a unpublished Vampire story by him several years ago. I would like to own a original of his one day.  My favorite period for Batman is 40's to 60's but I just love these pages, the art just vibrates.


I'd prefer to have the new bluray but running across the complete series dvd's for 75 bucks less then them is good enough for now. Too bad they never released the theme song as a single.  This show was fantastic and its great watching them again in the morning and Dixie was cute.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Class of 1984

I was tempted to do better photos of this but that would take to long so these are just bike phone shots with phone pics from the new bluray ( which looks way better then here) hadn't seen it in awhile and it was shot where I live and I love punk stuff so..I also took a pic of a close up not here thinking it was the arts club I painted in a few years ago but in fact it was the building next door.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lost Notebook

I'm not that interested in modern Disney stuff( last 40 years or so) but I love most things to do with the golden age. And I have lots of books on it but would happily buy any new book depending on what it is like say.. a art of Dumbo book or complete storyboards of 101 Dalmatians or art of Ken Anderson or Bill Peet book.  Anyway I heard this book on recently recovered notes and photos of this old Disney special effects guy was a beut and wasn't sure if I kneaded it.  I held off until I came across it today used and it is really something, absolutely gorgeous.

Miss Lucifer


Monday, July 13, 2015

Morbids-Asmodeus pg 5


Scrambled Eggs

and Everly Time..

Morning Coffee

Since I find going to the gym boring, to get there by 9:30 I spur myself on by going to the thrift store close to it when it opens and have managed to find some good stuff.  Tho I prefer Hoppers paintings much more to his illustration work, the storytelling of his commercial work is evident in his paintings tho more subdued. Hefti, who wrote the sixties Batman theme, looking Bruce Waynish and most of the tracks here are good soundtracks for the Batusi. Good fun for 4 bucks.