Friday, January 13, 2006

I recently picked up the 4 film set of Dean Martins Matt Helm Movies, I'd seen two of them before but am looking forward
to watching the two I haven't seen. Watching the Silencers again the other night was a hoot. I'll take Helm and Flint over
Austin Powers .

I love the first volume of Hank Ketchums Dennis the Menace from Fantagraphics covering 1951 to 1952.
Perfect single panel comics.


milanrubio said...

I've got this book on Dennis..It's fantastic..(maybe a little size, but charming anyway)
It's incredible this huge of work in only 2 years!! Can't wait the next.
Ketcham rules.

the doodlers said...

Yeah, we were flipping through this Dennis book at Pages a few weeks ago but didn't pick it up. We will definately have to go back and grab it. Beautiful brushwork, great characters and situations. Thanks for the reminder, Drazen!

Drazen said...

yeah the Dennis book great
wonderful compostions and cute ladies.

warren said...

MATT HELM! Where'd you dig those up??!! Those movies are the funniest thing since Peter Sellers.

yes, he is a thing.

rebound said...

good stuff

Alessandro_PPG said...

Very cool illustrations! Parabéns!