Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What you ask, was I flipping through with my coffee this morning?
Well I'm a Russell Patterson fan and probably my favourite period is the 20's /30's stuff. And one of my favourite
works [from what I've seen] is the drawings collected in Manhattans, Bronxes and Queens, a book of humorous poetry
from 1931. I love the illustrations in here. Part 20's glamour, part german expressionist and just beautiful lines and
black spotting.

And what was on the cd tray ..well
I'm a huge Kinks fan, truth be told I probably listen to the Kinks more than the Beatles or Stones [well the stones are probably tied] and one of many favourite records is the soundtrack for television drama [that was never done] in the late 60's
called Arthur. Amazing record lyrically and musically.
One of my favourite record titles "Everybody Hates You" is a compilation of 70's punk misanthropes the Pagans from
cleveland. Crypt realeased
this first before putting out the complete recordings on two other discs [yes they are awesome] Amazing record lyrically
and musically:-)
And always a favourite, 60's italian soundtrack music
and some good ol 50's rockabilly courtesy of Sun.

And lastly, my lovely wife Alison is a chef and recipe developer at Canadian Living Magazine and was picked as
one of the 6 Dove models for a new campaign. She's the first one standing on the left . One day I hope
we can collaborate on a cook book together like the old 50's ones before photography replaced illustrations in cookbooks,
course now that she's famous, she might not want to put up with listening to the Pagans at 12.00 oclock at night.
Anyway, I love this ad.
guess thats it


Dominic Bugatto said...

After our conversation yesterday, I had to flip through my own copy of the book. Damn fine stuff.
That's cool about the Dove gig, congrats to Alison.

the doodlers said...

Hi Drazen! Just dropped by for a quick look, but can't stay. These new posts deserve more time. We will be back soon to enjoy all the great new stuff. Alison is the redhead behind the sofa on the left- yes? What a babe.

Drazen said...

yup thats her.
thanks for poppin by.

Kactiguy said...

First off, congrats to Alison. Way to go, Dove babe!

Secondly, nice post. I think patterson is great too. Love that William Russell painting. I'm afraid I haven't heard of him. I'll have to research him out a little bit.

I also think you should definitely do a recipe book. Great food and great art-- how could you go wrong?

Drazen said...

Hey Guy!
I'll post some more Flint for you in a bit.
Fantastic british illustrator/painter.

j. said...

Congrats to Alison, indeed! That's awesome!


Ward Jenkins said...

That's very cool about your wife being in this ad! Excellent pic. And yes, I would LOVE to see you do a cookbook some day. Me love me some 50's cookbooks. I'm in the process of scanning in some good ones from back in the day.