Friday, March 24, 2006

Heres the book cover

This was a real treat for me to illustrate this kids bio of the Nova Scotia giantess,Anna Swan who P.T Barnum made famous in the 1800's.

I like circuses and carnivals and Pt Barnum and all that kind of stuff. For Christmas my wife bought
me the original poster of an old movie I like, Circus of Horrors. Circus and Horrors WOW. It hangs in our upstairs
hall now.
Anyway below is this cool circus pop up book I found at a garage sale a while back.Its Czech and from the sixties. What a beauty eh

I illustrated two kids books last year that are coming out this year and one of em { you guessed it] is somewhat circus related. Actually
its based on the life of giantess Anna Swan from the 1800's. It should be available soon [ tho I'm not sure where and exactly when so thats all I can say] and I'll probably post more
about it when it comes out thats it for now.
But ..these are my earlest doodles/searches from the project. Nothing great but the first.

and here is a tiny piece of a finished illo,

and heck since I mentioned christmas heres the ginger bread house my wife and I made together during the holidays,
its so much bumble food now "sigh"

and my cat Igor and the bunny Monty


Vern Mercado said...

great process. this post was a lot of fun.

Dominic Bugatto said...

The cover looks great! Nicely done.

Kactiguy said...

Drazen that cover looks great. Nicely done indeed.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the book Drazen. That's some great news.

the doodlers said...

Great looking book cover and roughs, Drazen! Congratulations. Plus, the cat and the bunny and the gingerbread house are cozyness to the max!

Drazen said...

thanks guys, the book was a lot of fun and I'm pretty happy with it all around