Monday, October 22, 2012

Mr. Bug Goes To Town

This is a movie I've wanted to see for some time ever since I saw the model sheets in THE FLEISCHER STORY by Leslie Carbanga.  I enjoy GULLIVER"S TRAVELS, the first Fleischer animated feature but it doesn't come close to this movie which I found totally mesmerizing. TCM showed it last night, I was disappointed earlier in the month when I MARRIED A WITCH was not included in the Canadian schedule so I admit I had some anxiety about  if this would be bumped. MR. BUG GOES TO TOWN is filled with beautiful backgrounds, great characters, cool music and story that moves with some great set pieces of  human and bug world interactions.  A Jimmy Stewartish grasshopper hero whose mistakes are genuine in not understanding the human world  and his sexy bug gal, and the bug town folk go up against the encroaching human world and Penguin like beetle and his insect thugs.  So here is a whole mess of pics from this wonderful  movie.  I don't love television stations but I do love TCM.


Ghoul Friday said...

This was also released as "Hoppity Goes to Town" which is the title I knew it as. As a little girl, my mom used to check out film reels from the local library and we'd watch them on the projector at home (way way before VCRs were introduced). Two standard showings are at house were Gulliver's Travels & Hoppity Goes to Town. :)

Did we have the same childhood?

I've been able to get my hands on both on VHS. LOVE them to this day!

Ghoul Friday said...

"Two standard showings AT OUR house..." Man. Teach me for posting comments when I'm sleepy.

Drazen said...

It would be fun to watch these on film reels now, thats cool your mom did that.
Its weird in that I've wanted to see this for so long but I never dug up a rental or anything.. I had to wait a while before it "fell" into my hands. In a way I"m glad tho , it affected me more now then maybe earlier on since I wasn't disappointed was better then I imagined which is always great.