Friday, October 26, 2012

Hannes Bok

From Centipede Press comes another definitive retrospective (like the earlier incredible Lee Brown Coye volume)  of one the greatest of pulp/weird/fantasy artists Hannes Bok. One can only imagine the joy Bok would have felt seeing a book like this produced of his work. He created images for pulps and small presses and died at 49 broke of a heart attack.  A sad end to a creator of some truly remarkable images. Bok's style is (particularly in color)  influenced by his illustration hero Maxfield Parrish but Parrish would never have created these far out, trippy, surreal, cosmically beautiful and ghoulish works. His work is all his own.


Orrin Grey said...

Holy crap, that is one sharp-looking book!

Drazen said...

Its incredible.. the Lee Brown Coye was mind blowing too ( and Coye is probably my favorite weird artist form the pulp times)