Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday Sunrise

 Oh little town of Toronto... view of the city from the park across the street from where I live. Its only about a 15 minute drive and 45 minute bike ride to downtown.

Toronto has some great music, art and literature going on with some pretty fantastic contemporary horror writers and one of my favorites is Simon Strantzas. I tend to read older writers so I'm not up on a lot of new stuff as much as I would like to be, tho I try and strike a balance.
 I only read Strantzas'  and his third collection of short fiction,Nightingale Songs,  for the first time earlier this year.  Cold to the Touch  is his second collection and just out from Dark Regions press in trade paperback and the last one I have to read  ( Beneath the Surface is his first and all are worth tracking down) and I'm about halfway through it and its great stuff.  His own voice but in the tradition of Aickman and Ligotti, two favorites. Not go for the throat buy lyrical horror of man's decaying, unstable and lost place in the universe.

Blueberry and banana and other goodies smoothie to help me get through my decaying, unstable and lost place in the universe:-)

Morning biking pix..

If you wondered what he's been up to..

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