Friday, January 06, 2012

Another relaxing movie sketch page this time viewing THE MAD MISS MANTON. A goofy screwball whodunit from 1938 with Barbara Stanywyck and her sleuth'n crew of beautiful society dames who do a good job of beating up reporter Henry Fonda and solving the case. Lots of zinger lines and beautiful cinematography by Nicholas Musuraca photographing the fur-clad ladies in gorgeous black and white.
First time I've seen this movie and and I got a big kick out of it. .


Dominic Bugatto said...

These are wonderful , nicely done.

Jon said...

If you liked Mad Miss Manton then another Stanwyck vehicle you might wish to view is Ball of Fire, a take on Snow White. I think it is more fun than Manton because the director and supporting cast provide a more substantial background to Manton. If you liked the pairing of Fonda and Stanwyck then you could do no better than watching The Lady Eve

Drazen said...

Hey Jon,
I love both those other films and Preston Sturges! I would aggree Ball of Fire is stronger and funnier film and I love lots of Stanwyck movies with the obvious Double Indemnity and her pre code stuff and Christmas in Conneticut is a holiday favourite.
Manton I had never seen so for me it was a undiscovered gem and I was just surprised how good and fun it was with killer photography and I thought her group of friends were hot so it was great seeing them all together:-) wish they had made sequels! I'd love to see more fur clad, beautiful 30's society gals fighting crime.