Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yesterday Alison, our friend Jennifer and myself had a garage sale. Amongst the hurly burly of selling my old VHS copies of
The Doll Squad and Killers Kiss (don't worry I have DVD copies now) and Alisons fondue pots I spent some time drinking coffee and drawing unflattering sketches of our customers.
It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun and got to know some neighbours we hadnt met yet ( even after 4 years in the

the fellar on the right below is the proud new owner of Killers Kiss, Mask of Fu Manchu, The Invisible Ray and some other great 30's horror movies.

Neigborhood resident, cartoonist and buddy Serge G. stopped by too point out some animation trivia to anyone who would listen.

We celebrated our new found wealth with pizza and beers on the porch in the evening and some Bobby Gentry and The Coffin Daggers on stereo. ahhhh a wonderful saturday friends and neighbours!


Matt Jones said...

Excellent drawings-you captured some truly unique characters. Strong stuff.

Drazen said...

Thanks a lot MAtt J! always appreciated.

Rich Dannys said...

haha.. Wow, what a motley crew of characters!

When the one Lady said: "How much?.. It has a crack".. I hope you responded with: "So does my Hairy ASS, Lady.. Pay up or move on!" heh

I think the Sergio sketch is unfairly skinny.. He has a bit more meat on him, doesn't he?..
Those flood pants he wears have always been a definite Question Mark for me, tho! hah

Drazen said...

Now c'mo Rich that wouldn't be in the neighbourly
(you must have been raised in Scarborough or somthing) spirit! It as an odd thing about garage sales that
people can quibble over 15 cents. I tend to take the opposite view and give em 50 cents more! And always tip the kids at the lemonade stand or getta outta town as far as I'm concerned!
I can't comment on his fashionssense ( to each his own eh) but we had great talk about Mizoguchi's Sansho the Bailiff on the backyard deck.
Can you say full day or what!

the doodlers said...

These crack me up... you got a theme for a book here. ~Arna

the doodlers said...

HA! I want to move to your neighbourhood! Great drawings, Drazen! Have fun tomorrow! SNIFF! JVB

Drazen said...

thanks Doodlers!
yes its too bad you can't make it today, get better!