Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My revamped and updated website DRAZEN KOZJAN.COM is up. Its been a bit buggy in some browsers, especially Internet Explorer ( tho I believe its been fixed ) so if anyone is experiencing problems please me let me know if you like. The News and Shop sections are still under construction but everything else should be up and thanks for looking!
The site was put together by my old and talented friend Steve Jelliman.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Site looks fab!

Congrats on the Jewcy profile too.

Unknown said...

THat's the coolest flying car!! Brilliant!!

the doodlers said...

I want a car like that... and I don't even drive. :)

Ninjahsteve said...

I'm not that old!

Willy Ashworth said...


very cool! well done.

love the style. i'm a sucker for flying vehicles!




Nathan Lindsay said...

I love this piece. wonderful contrast with the colors...and that man is a great design.