Friday, June 08, 2007

Met up with Arna Selznick and Mike Smukavic for some sketching at the Royal Ontario Museum and seeing its revamped crystal wing. Well unfortunately they've installed a " no sketching with anything any but a pencil" policy, something that never existed before and after some arguing we decided to just wander around outside and sketch under a tree. After we worked through our anger by drawing horrible caricatures of JVB as a authoritarian ROM securtiy guard (just kidding there JVB:-)) we grabbed a quick bite to eat and caught up. Didn't get too much done but what there was is below except a sketch of Mike's foot which I decided not to post after long and hard sole searching.
I have to say that Mike's head was not this crispy but it offered a nice spot of colour for me.


MikeS said...

When I picked up Kim from work, she reminded me that it's hat season again. I guess it'll be my third peel next week of this early season.

They should institute a Smook Index (instead of a UV index) based on the different shades of colour my head turns in the sun.

Great hooking up with you and Arna today! Sorry we missed you JvB!

Crispy Smook (sounds like a new donut, doesn't?)

the doodlers said...

MMM... Crispy Smook...
Signed, that authoritarian bastard, JVB :)

Dominic Bugatto said...

These are neally nice Draz !

Anonymous said...

did they have marble floors?
they won't allow wet media in alot of
museums because of the porous nature of marble.

these are really nice drawings.

Suzanne Dargie said...

I'm thinking it's because they don't want people writing permanent insults all over Liebskind's walls in ink! If it's just graphite, they can erase it.
I'm just mad that it didn't end up looking like they SAID it was going to....ALL GLASS! That would've looked kinda cool.