Friday, May 05, 2006

So Heres some sketches from a recent trip to Costa Rica.
I loved it, went horseback riding up the hills and zip lining down waterfalls, fed Capucin monkeys in the wild and
saw a volcano that had erupted the previous week.
sadly none of my sketches capture that excitement, mostly these were done lounging around the pool with drink or on the way to somewhere, like the bus taking up us to the volcano.
I'll post some pics of monkeys in a bit.


Nick Sung said...


Very neat! Monkeys and volcanos you say? I hope you had a great time in Costa Rica--it sounds like you did; nice sketches and fun colour! I think that swimming pool drawing works really well.

the doodlers said...

yup. that looks like Costa Rica alright!

These lovely sketches have a De Brunoff quality to them, Drazen. They are almost Babarian! I mean that in a good way...

Beauties! Love the airport character, the bus, the two women holding hands too. ~Arna

Cholki said...

Thanks for showing these and letting us soak in some of that Costa Rican air.
Beautiful work.

Drazen said...

Thanks Nick,
yeah had an amazing time, real monkeys and volcanos indeed!
Thanks doodlers,I wish there was an elephant to sketch
thanks cholki

Dominic Bugatto said...

Great sketches Draz. More fun than storyboards I imagine ;)

Unknown said...

WOW!! Beautiful travelling sketches!! Full of topical atmosphere and fun!!

Drazen said...

thanks Dom and Alina