Sunday, May 07, 2006

so heres some pics from Costa Rica
The volcano crater had erupted the week before and when were up there Alison [my wife] was interviewed by a newpaper about why would we come up here if it was still dangerous. We had no idea it still was. It was funny seeing her picture
on front page of the paper the next day tho. Thats her ziplining too which was a blast.
and feeding the white throated capucin monkey the fruit of the cashew nut tree.


Matt Jones said...

Costa Rica looks FABOOLUS!!! You lucky blighters! Those cappucino monkeys are lovely. Good to see all your sketches & watercolours too. The lush, emerald jungle (4th down) is the standout to me. How hot was it there, must've been pretty humid no?

MikeS said...

I pine for a nice vacation. Great photos Draz and love the sketches too.

Kactiguy said...

I think I pine too. Looks like you had fun. Love those waterfalls. Nice sketches in the last post as well. Now get back to work.

Scott Tolleson said...

That frog photo has to be the coolest thing I've scene lately. That's worthy of framing if ya ask me.

the doodlers said...

We also pine.

Thanks for sharing these Drazen! That frog in the leaf is funny. We'll see if we can dig up some Costa Rica shots to share too.

Arna and John

Anonymous said...

the frog inside the leaf, so cosy ^_^

Drazen said...

thanks matt. Yeah it really was amazing there. It wasn't too bad humidity wise, least nothing uncomfortable. Just right for a swim up bar:-)
take that pine and get on a plane smook!
thanks guy I'm working already,
Thanks Scott. the frogs we saw were really cool and this guy was pretty great.
Like to see those photos doodlers, perhaps you could book a vacation with smook?
hey Yacin, nice when you feel that cozy.

Fulton Beal said...

I can hear the travel agent now, "I've got a very hot offer out in an active region of Costa Rica. You'll erupt with joy when you hear how wonderful this offer is."

Looks like a blast though, love the monkey pictures and the sketches. The frog photo is just too cool and would have highlighted the whole trip for me. Ah well, at least its finally warming up here in Maine, its no Costa Rica, but I'll take what I can get :)

Mark said...

Wow man, what a great looking must've had you a time!...Great photos...that frog rocks, and I'm dead jealous you met monkeys dammit!

Stephen M. Levinson said...

youre a great photographer! Esp that leaf!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great recharge vacation, Drazen. Glad you and the wife had such a great time as shown by your sketches and photos!

Humidity is tough though!