Sunday, April 16, 2006

over at the ward-o-matic (links) Mr. Jenkins posted a little piece about collecting,
Below is a quick stickie sketch based on his post. I didn't go get referance so I'm not promising accuracy
and below that a stickie sketch nothing
do with first


Unknown said...

THese drawings are awesome!! I love the posting with the little girl and the headless dude ... too WICKED! V inspiring illustrations!! :)

leifpeng said...

Drazen; That sketch of Ward headin' up to the attic is priceless! I'd love to see a whole strip about it. This looks like the title panel on a sunday colour comic strip. I feel I need to read the rest of the strip... c'mon, man!!!

Drazen said...

well thats a very nice compliment Mr. Peng!
I would but "sigh" now that the ward o matic is on temporary hiatus,
there doesn't seem to be much point.

pbcbstudios said...

Great stuff Drazen!

Unknown said...

Found you through the comments on doodlin's blog. Really nice artwork , love your linework especially in that man without head.

j. said...

I love that drawing of the guy and his attic. I imagine he's just standing there, halfway up the stairs...sometimes you don't need to go through your collection...there's satisfaction in knowing that it's there.

Also, great stuff on the Giantess. Can't wait to see the book.


Drazen said...

thanks pbc and thomas.
I like your take J, saves me from having to draw the strip Leif wants to see:-)
Me Too on the book, I'm supposed to be getting my advance copies anytime

Rikki said...

These are very cool :)
Just wasting time looking round the art blogs :)
I love your colouring on this one!

Elliot Cowan said...

I love you.

Ward Jenkins said...

Drazen, this is GREAT! I'm very honored to be the subject of one of your masterpiece sketches! This is hilarious. I love how you plugged the Burl Ives record cover that I have in my work cubicle. Right now, I do not have anything up on the walls in the attic, but have been meaning to. This sketch makes me want to go up there and start organizing -- I only wish that it was this clean. Right now I can't even walk through the attic without knocking into some box.

Thanks, man. I really appreciated this.

(I promise I will be back soon! Don't you worry.)

Drazen said...

thanks rikki
er yer lookin at the photo right of Rikki righ, mate? awwww heck
I love ya too Elliot
I'm glad you liked it Ward, I enjoyed the post very much