Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Finally saw Walk the Line [not that this sketch has anything to do with that directly] Very much enjoyed it. Reese Witherspoon
was terrific.

and since I put the cove of my old sketchbook
I thought I'd post the back of which there was a story inside
of the wacky shenanigans of Thugge

and a nother sketchbook drawing


Martin Wittig said...

I love these sketches of yours! Lot's of life in them:)

Amy Zaleski said...

All wonderful sketches. I have to say, your "speed" illustration made me laugh. It's an original idea for this topic and really captures the moment. Nice use of colors as well~

vfm4 said...

i hadn't been on your blog for quite some time, had forgotten what a pleasure it is to see your illustrations and even more your sketches..

and Igor the cat could be a twin brother of my Otto! :-)