Monday, September 05, 2005

Watching the events unfolding in New Orleans has been for me [like everyone else] a very sad experience. In an earliar post
I mentioned how much I loved the the place. I hope the people and city and all the the others affected by Katrina are up and running and better than ever as soon as possible.

Some sketches from the weekend.

I bought some nice quebec and italian cheeses, loaded up the picnic basket with antipasto, tuna salad, prosciutto and a bagette, and Alison and me watched the airshow by the lake this weekend. Sat under a willow tree, sipped some nice wine as the jets roared above. I did this one in between the roar and the naps.

up by gravenhurst

Alison and igor watching Rocky and Bullwinkle on a Sunday morning.


Unknown said...

Your sketches from the weekend are beautiful Drazen! is it watercolour?

Drazen said...

thanks Stephane!
Yes its watercolour. A 12 colour Ashby tamblet made in England! I'm about due for a new one, mostly I seem to
be getting mudd these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Draz, I've been lurking for a while. I like the airshow sketches. You make it look so idyllic when there was probably ear shattering sonic booms every couple of minutes. I've been riveted by the coverage of the New Orleans flood. I was supposed to go back next fall.

Drazen said...

Yeah I know the, so sad about the big Easy.