Friday, September 30, 2005

This afternoon i took a quick bike ride down to the beaches to the Parts Gallery that was showing some photographs by
Mark Mothersbaugh. I always loved Devo. particularly the first 3 records and next to the Rolling Stones I think theres is my favourite version of Satisfaction [sorry Otis Redding]. The Wes Anderson film soundtracks are some of his recent work. Anyway comparing this early Devo seven inch to Marks recent work one sees he's still interested in exploring
his theme of human evolution and mutation. The photos are cut down the centre vintage daguerreotypes and photos then rejoined as a mirror image like an old carnival mirror trick, Bizarre freakshow type images and fun if you like this sort of thing
and yep I do.
And speaking of Sideshows, HBO's Carnivale was my favourite tv series in a long time and I was real sad to find out the second season would be the last.

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Anonymous said...

I just joined Club Devo and got a fun package from them.

The Mothersbaugh show was fun indeed. Boy, I feel so lucky! I saw this show over a year ago here in San Francisco. You poor Canadians (ha ha).