Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wisdom boy, i was sure I wasn't going to have the time to get anything in for an idea as expansive as this one. I thought about all the things it meant to be wise and the profound nature of that rare attribute, and i had some ideas about what I might do. I was also thinking about the James Coburn Flint films I enjoy and Get Smart. They were pretty wise fellows. And I thought about all the cool Frazetta and Robert McGuinness movie posters from the 60's I really dig.
Anyway I tossed out all my original thoughts about wisdom, threw back a dry martini, and dug up this dusty old copy of the story of a forgotten gumshoe dishing out his own brand of wisdom.


cristina paulos said...

Awesome find!

carla said...

I dunno...those figures look a lot like the people you draw! Are you giving our legs a virtual pull? Well, whatever it is...an old book or a Drazen creation, I like it! I especially like the slinky lady stealing the painting while the detective looks through the window.

BTW, I added you to my blogroll...I love keeping up with what you do. It's always fun and it's always good :>

Rowantree said...

Great look retro and funny illo !!

Anonymous said...

Great Piece. I would by this book as I am a huge fan of Zander J. Azonk.

Drazen said...

another Zander fan! Hooray!
thanks guys!
Thanks for the nice compliment Carla!
yeah I'm doing a wee bit of a virtual leg pull..Zander J. Azonk is an
anagram of my own name. Hey it made me chuckle at 2:30 in the morning thats my only excuse.
glad you liked it. I'll see if I can dig up a copy of Wisdom Kills Alone one day.

carla said...

You're the best!!!! You had me going there...and I love playing anagrams. It just goes to show how I often don't see what's right in front of me. Now...where did I put my glasses..........oh.

paige said...

Dang, Drazen! YOU RULE. Er, I mean...Zander J. Azonk rules! This is so spot-on wonderful. You even made the book cover look vintage and beaten up. Great layout, design and of course, awesome characters.

All best,
"opria gollep"

Mercedes said...

Funny way to illustrate the subject, and I like your retro style...see you next week!

vfm4 said...

yes. love it. :)

Cynische said...

Hilarious, but feeling a bit dizzy on the wayback machine.

Thanks for post :)

Kactiguy said...

I love it Zander! I found a great time wasting site. You type in something--it gives you tons of anagrams.

Have fun,
Guy Francis AKA
Cyrus I. Fang
Guns Fry C.I.A.
Scary Fungi

Mustashrik said...

wow! i love this retro look you've achieved! i'd love to be able to do that!


Anonymous said...

I wish this was a real book. Love the anagram. :-))

Fulton Beal said...

excellent! methinks you should hire this Zander fellow to do all your illustrations. Love the masked burglar

Drazen said...

thanks everyone.
Opria Gollep and Cyrus L Fang..now those are cool
Hey Guy thanks for the link.
Cynishe- you'll get used to it, the wayback is Now!

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome drazen.

it's my favourite one - altho I also really love Dorian.

nice to see Al too!