Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday mournings when we can swing it, is time for coffee, omelettes and garage sales. Above my lovely wife and garage
sale buddy who graciously encourages my love of 60's italian horror movie decoration and Igor the cat.

A couple of recent purcahses. 2 peek-a- book books.Love the space suit page. An addition to Alisons cook book collection and book on giants and witches from 1943 illustrated by american illustrator Henry Pitz. Pitz isn't really a favourite but I do like his work and his instructional books on inking and his book on childrens book art. I thought this had some real cool work in it tho. The whole bunch for 2 bucks.

haven't spun this one yet..Rocking Chair Rock with yogi and boo boo sounds pretty wild tho.


David Zamora said...

I SO want those peek-a- book books you bought!! ..envy...^^ Love your artwork by the way!! Great stuff!


Dana S. Whitney said...

I had that Fun to Cook a child. SO 50's! My DH just purchased several Space Cat books on eBay... so I have those old illustrations to look at, too.

Anonymous said...

my mother still has that fun 2 cook book. Just a funny note. good work, by the way.