Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm calling this mostly sketch blog Hypnotik Eye as its a 50's b-movie I've alway loved. The original poster has been above
my drawing table for years and I titled my first small collection of sketches/comics/illos from
Green Claw Press that , so thats what thats all about.
This is a illustration I finished this week. I've been rereading some of his
great, atmospheric stories after buying a collection in Gravenhurst with a terrific cover.
Le Fanu's wife died suddenly and he then became an eccentric recluse writing
some of his best ghost/creepy stories from bed. He would write at nigh, fall asleep
and wake around two and start writing again incorporating his dreams, polishing
the story in the morning. He had a recurring nightmare of being crushed by a large
victorian house. When he had a heart attack in bed his doctor said "the house fell at last." The vampire story Carmilla and the ghost story Green Tea are considered classics of the genre.

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