Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Woman history that I found riveting.  Leads you through the fascinating (and  yes, secret) life of the creator and his ties to  the feminist movement of the early 1900's. Marston lived with two women his life, Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne and had kids with them both (tho Olive's children were never told he was the fatther).  Elizabeth and Olive remained together till  their death many years later. Olive was a niece Margaret Sanger, champion of woman's rights and birth control that eventually morphed into Planned Parenthood. The artist of the  Marston stories, Peter, was a cartoonist on early feminist papers like The Woman Rebel from around 1916. There's also lots about why Wonder Woman is always tied up during the Marston years and its not just kinky. Fascinating stuff.

I've always had this early 70's  comp of 40's stories and reprints in comics, I feel like picking up
some other archive editions now.

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