Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sleepy Hollow

When I arrived in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown I drove around quickly to get a rough idea of the layout then headed to my hotel where I hoped there would be a map of the local sites. Nope! nothing at all just a restaurant list, the Headless Horseman might as well not have existed to these people , thanks Hampton Inn. They said I could google it which immediately made me not want to do that so I had the driver drop me off in the general area where I thought it would be and after a short walk I found the Old Dutch Church and burial ground. I had missed "magic hour" for photos tho and it was getting dark. It was closed tho you could walk into the grounds easily by the front of the church so I snapped pictures and when it got to dark I decided to do a grave rubbing something I had not done in awhile.  I had a feeling it was probably prohibited but I ended up doing 3 on the same tombstone. In the morning when I went back there was a sign in the parking entrance saying grave rubbings are not permitted which I totally understand, they are beautiful and fragile but I'm still glad I have these:-) I wasn't dragged into the bowels of the earth so I think Duncher is ok with it too. I also only had one pencil and no sharpener.


Mina Lobo said...

That's a shame, your hotel not having any maps to local places of interest. There's so much of interest over in that neck of the woods, not the least of which being Washington Irving's house, Sunnyside, in Tarrytown. This time of year's great for a visit to Sunnyside, too.
Some Dark Romantic

Drazen said...

Yeah I just found out in odd to not even have a little map of the main sites, but then have literature on other places and sites not in town. I would have liked to see his house for sure but my time was pretty short. I walked all around Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow in the "downtownish area and the houses by the the water thursday night and I was off friday morning after pics at the Dutch church. I love that whole upper east region tho, looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks.