Saturday, June 01, 2013

Argento's Dracula

Watched Dario Argento's DRACULA the other night which was ok, it had some nice shots here and there that made it watchable adn I was not into the actor playing Dracula,  not sure I would watch it again except maybe to do a sketch or two. I found myself wishing there was a lot of mist and fog. Dracula makes a  appearance as a praying mantis. Also watched THE SURVIVOR directed by David Hemmings who has his own history with Argento as well and I liked this film a lot more. A nice little thriller with some good spooky bits about plane crash survivor.


Andrew Barr said...

I watched "The Collection" last night, all the action took place at "The Hotel Argento".

Drazen said...

Don't know about The Collection, I'll have to look it up. Up to Opera I love everything Argento but I really need to see other later ones even tho I've never heard great things about them.