Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Since today is the official release date I thought I would repost that I’ll be giving away 3 copies of my new picture book, WORKING MUMMIES ,written by Joan Horton from Farrar Straus and Giroux  ( and a nice surprise its a Amazon best picture books of the month selection ).
If you are interested,  email me a Mummy drawing, skill doesn't matter ( in fact it might work against you!:-)) 
and I won't post them unless I ask first or heck, feel free to  just a email a  picture  of yourself as a mummy, or even some creepy ol' picture of  a  someone else dressed up as a Mummy you found at a  garage sale if you are shy about drawing! 
I’ll pick 3 winners out of a cursed urn at the end of July.... 
send to  hypnotik_eye@me.com... 
winners books include a Mummy sketch from me,  but only one shambling creep will receive a watercoloured Mummy sketch..
and thanks to all the monstrous Mummy submissions so far!

Here is a small excerpt from a review from Kirkus..

With a palette dominated by saturated purples, greens, oranges and reds, a detailed, fantastical monster city comes to life. Alongside dragons, ghosts and one-eyed monsters, female mummies contribute their various talents to serve their bustling community.Sure to be a hit at Halloween, Mother’s Day, during a discussion about puns and when the popular question arises, “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” (Picture book. 4-7)


Ghoul Friday said...

Hooray for successful projects and new releases! Wishing you much success! :)

Drazen said...

Thanks Ghoul Friday!

mother of the bride suits said...

Thank you it is so amazing!