Tuesday, April 13, 2010

San Francisco!
Had a great week there visiting Alison's brother.
This is the killer view from his house.

Beside Cliff House, this looks towards what I believe was the Sutro baths and skating rink in the old days. You get a great look inside at was there at the end of the film noir The Lineup

Aquarium..at the California Academy of Sciences.

Musee Mechanique

Last Gasp 4oth anniversary art show.

My pal DIrty Donny's sweet ride that he rebuilt.


Charles Schulz Museum Santa Rosa beside Snoopy's skating rink. Loved visiting here, a beautiful museum.
Wonderful to see his drawing table and studio set up.
The wall is made of individual comic strips.

The Castro. Lovely old theatre. We went and saw Cool Hand Luke.

And no trip is complete without increasing the weight of my luggage with books so
heres most of my goodies.

My plane reading was Jules Feiffers autobiography which was quite good.


Matt Jones said...

Excellent shots around the city-great primer for when i move over. Looks like you had a fine time D.

Drazen said...

Its a beautiful city, tied with NY for my favourite USA city tho NY edges it out a bit.. but you know Chicago is great and ......

Have a great move!