Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Road Trip Part 2

DIner at Falls River.

In the late afternoon we headed off tor Yarmouthport on Cape Cod,
home to the Edward Gorey House and Museum. I admire
his work for many reasons and have wanted to visit his house for some time.
Original artwork, sketches, books, various objects he collected and jewelry fill the house and are displayed and organized in a wonderful way to both study and interact with. It was especially cool chatting withfriends and neighours,all who were very gracious.

After some driving around the Cape in dreary, rainswept weather buying books

we headed for home and stopping for one last delicous, diner car lunch served up by NIck.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Looks like ya had a great time , love those old diners.

Rich Dannys said...

Yeah, okay..
But where are all the photos of Gorey's studio room?!!

Suzanne Dargie said...

Wow! I wanna fill my house with cool stuff too, but Rich won't let me. Also I LOVE that Diner floor!!!!!

Drazen said...

Yeah it was sad that the upstairs of the house was off limits Rich,
You should pay not attention to Rich and just fill your house with cool stuff Suzanne.

Mike T said...

WOW was that THE actual fur coat that he wore? I'd always seen when he drew it in his books, and in a couple old grainy black and white photos where he's wearing it, but I haven't seen pictures of inside his house/the museum like that. Neato.
I wonder if they had any of the bunches of rings that he supposedly always wore, to go along with the coat and tennis shoes.

Drazen said...

Yes the actual fur coat Mike! or one of them. In the eighties Gorey felt the wearing of fur stood against his feelings for animals and stopped wearing the coats and stored them in the attic of the house) until some of them were auctioned off and this one is on display. And yep, some of his rings and jewellery is on display and I did take photos but did not post them. Its really cool. It was a drag that the upstairs where his studio was is closed off tho. A nice chunk of original and unpublished art is on is there that is a real shame is not yet collected somewhere.
It is worth the drive and you should go.

Drazen said...

Oh there is a book called Elephant house of photos taken of his place shortly after he died.

Annie Napolean said...

Wow Edward's house looks soo fascinating..would love to have a house like that !

Matt Jones said...

Gorey's house looks great-you're the second person i know to have visited it recently.

Drazen said...

Yeah they did a great job in there.
It really captures lots of aspects of his life.

We stayed at the b an b next door and it was fantastic. Great bookstores in the area too.
There is so many great illustration galleries and points of interest in that whole surrounding area. Love it.