Monday, October 01, 2007

October is going to be a busy and exciting month, so for no particular reason
i thought I'd do my best to make some regular posts.
A beautiful weekend Alison and i managed to head up to the cottage for a couple of
days. As usual I took along some work but I'll not be posting that but doodles and
photos. Before heading to the cottage in Gravenhurst we stopped in at the farmers market in Bracebridge and the local diner.

won't you join me for breakfast...

this girl said this to Alison when Alison commented on how she liked her bike

On the road to the cottage
we spotted a fox. First time I've seen here. It was a good weekend for wildlife
and as we came across 4 deer and 5 wild turkeys. The rest of the time was spent working, a bit of sketching before we headed out to a new restaurant called North
which was quite good.

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