Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Happy Undertaker Episode 6.
I was going to leave it at as a cliffhanger but heres two pages.
Lots to touch up but
I'm off for a swiss raclette at my sisters place now, no rabbit I promise.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Just when I thought they couldn't get any darker .......

Love 'em .

I'm liking the the more minimalist color approach too.

DELA said...

He he I love them.

Unknown said...

This is wonderful!! WOW!! LOVE YOUR Comic, they are so animated, and the design is simply beautiful!

-TiGH- said...

It's my favourite one to date Drazen! YOU KNOW IT!!!
Keep em' comin' good sir!

Enzo Avolio said...

Great decisions on the shots you're using.Very effective.
The trees and shadows are terrific.

Drazen said...

Hey Dom, Thanks. Alison and I have a bunny and she's a chef so I got a bit of the hairy eyeball from her on this one.
Thanks Goran.
Thanks Alina, wonderful to hear.
You know IT! Tigh, thanks a bunch.
HEY Enzo, thanks a heap it means a lot.

chris chua said...

sad, cute, disturbing and funny all at the same time. Great job. Wonderful linework and colors too:)

the doodlers said...

All of what the other guys said, Drazen. This one is definitely my fave so far...Yay, Happy Happy Undertaker!

Drazen said...

Thanks a lot Chris!
Thanks Arna!

Ron Salas said...

That is utterly fantastic. Beautiful storytelling throughout with panel layout, camera angles, poses, and colors.