Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Happy Undertaker Episode 5.
Hope you enjoy.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice way to start my week off. Love it.

test said...

These are so flip'n great! I get so excited when you post each new one. Love the concept!


Unknown said...

beautiful!! YOur comic page is just pure wonder!

Drazen said...

Thanks Dom.
Hey Steve and Alina thanks a bunch, that means a lot!

Steve Daye said...

I really enjoy your Happy Undertaker stories too Draz! Love the art and the twisted humour! Don't know where you find the time!

DELA said...

Can I have translation of the little red riding hood yelling ?
Love it.

warren said...

Holy Batshit these are wicked!

Care to share some process, just for fun?

Skullossus said...

Totally sweet and cute! I really like this one! You did a good job of opening the comic mystriously. The orange HU head logo suggested to my subconscious that he was going to be cutting into a big orange pumpkin but instead it was a wolf's belly. Nice!

Drazen said...

Thanks a lot Steve!
Ah Dela I'm sure you can translate something
far better than me. thanks buddy
Hey Warren thank a bunch. Like Steve mentioned
I don't have much time to fuss with them so I
have a bunch of ideas written, I draw and ink them
on big pieces of strathmore and color in Photoshop.
I change and add things ocassionally as I'm going.
Trying to get a new one up every Sunday, so far so good.
Thanks King of Hearts.

chris chua said...

Drazen, I am so glad to have discovered your blog. This is such a great comic. lovely colors and designs. I cant wait to see the next one. Bravo

Drazen said...

Hey Chris thanks, it means a bunch!
its nice to hear that some other folks enjoy it.