Saturday, February 24, 2007

A drawing by cartoonist Dave Pietila.A man of few words but many funny stories.
Since The Stooges and Charles Addams
are two things I love this brings a tear to my eye.


Anonymous said...

haha.. this made me laugh :)

cheers Mr. D!

Anonymous said...

hey hey i really love your art. i've linked my page to yours since 2 years back. telling u only now. lol =P

Drazen said...

Cheers Ariel.
Hey Sam, thank you very much, and thanks for letting me know!

Rich Dannys said...

Yeah, Pietila is a piece of work, ain't he? I like this one a lot.. But I wouldn't have stuck that boy's nose quite so far under his Left Eye, I think?
Alas, I am without my yellow stickies and carmine red col-erase pencils.. So you'll just have to relay my Revision comments to him verbally, I suppose!
ha ha

jesi said...

aw this is so cute! it's SO drazen! :)