Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An old friend, Kenn Brown the fantastic artist behind Monolithic studios was in town
yesterday briefly and unfortuanately due to the small time window he had, we couldn't hook up. As wee guffers being into punk rock some of our earliest published
work was for local shows in town and for my own band as well.
I'm to lazy to dig up old fliers but heres the second album cover I did for a local band called
Rocktopus [the first was for Montreals The Doughboys second album and they
blew up a section of it so I never thought it looked so great]. And the inner sleeve.Ahh vinyl sleeves
no reissue on cd yet.
And the EF poster is not so old but from a couple of years ago, I posted an earliar version in an altered state. Excuse the lousy font
at the bottom.


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