Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My pal and monster artist extrodinaire Dirty Donny has a
shrunken head decanter from Tiki Farm coming out.
They are having a "name the mug" contest here
I have great memories of trips down to the Chiller Con in New York with Donny,Pat and myself
for Halloween weekends.


Dominic Bugatto said...


Ariel said...

When you gonna fix your name and title slates D?

*Concerned northerrrnrrerr :)

Thorny said...

Love your work Drazen. Nice to see you posting a buddy's work too. I picked up a great tiki flask at a show/party at the DvA Gallery in Chicago this past June. Great fun! Wicked music! Yummy booze. linkypoo

I've been thinking of doing mugs or flasks myself but don't know where to start. Mebbe your pal could get me some info?

Drazen said...

thanks Mark Thorny
show sounds like fun!
I'd have to check to see where he got it done, don't know if tiki
farm had anything to do with the moulds
you could always email him and ask at his website
I know he has a lot of neato merchandise up for sales but I don't the specifics of where it was done and he lives in San Francisco
if that means anything