Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sketches of the trip to Pennsylvania


Unknown said...

Lovely watercolor drawings, more please!

j. said...

Lovely drawings!

Great pics of the road trip to Fritz's house, too! I can't stop laughing about the road map from 1962!! Hi-lar-ee-ous!


Fulton Beal said...

Beautiful stuff Drazen, love the firehouse!

the doodlers said...

These watercolour sketches are real nice, Drazen. The old buildings and the characters your drew have great charm. The profile of Rich down the way on the road trip post is very fine. The road trip story is a hoot! Congrats too, on the book gigs. The stuff you're doing is classy!
~Arna and John

MikeS said...

Hey Draz!

Good chatting with you the other day, been too long. There is something about the Gulf sign that I find extremely appealing. Wonderful work all around. Your book illustrations are fantastic, nice palettes and design bud.

Hopefully we can hook up for a zoo trip next month.

Talk to you soon.

Scott Wright said...

Love your blog. Great water colours. Very inspiring!

Chingyi said...

your sketches make me smile :)
nice style and color, great stuff!
i LOVE it!

Steve Daye said...

Hey Draz! These are great by the way!

Drazen said...

Hey thanks alot Alina!
hehe yeah J the atlas was pretty classic.
Thanks Cheezy
Thanks a lot doodlers!
Smook, the animals are calling
thanks allot scott
and thank you Chingyi
and the mighty Mister Daye, thank you as always!

Josh Parpan said...

These are great, They really capture that Back-East kind of feeling!

Andrea said...

those telephone poles are gorgeous! the top one is my fav! bravo!

Unknown said...

Lovely stuff!

marcus nirbrant said...

Hi there!
I love your shaky pen strokes on these sketches! The sketch with the Gulf sign and the telephone lines is the best, I think.. The book illustrations are fabulous, too!

JOHN said...

Love the line and rendering. Definitly get a sense of your perspective there.