Monday, December 12, 2005

In the hurly burly of all the things going on at the end of the year I've been meaning to catch up on some posts ( as well as some blogs ). Well this isn't it but its something. Some sketchbook stuff.

And illustrator Eric Sturdevant has a fine blog Fun All Around on which he posted some Harry Mcnaught ( as has Mr. Leif Peng] stuff. So heres my Mcnaught contribution. A Howdy Doody book. I like the Art Seiden Howdy Doody books but this one is cool too.


JOHN said...

Love the gorey imagery and the faces...nice cast of characters! Thanks for sharing the Mcnaught pics.

Kactiguy said...

I hear what you're saying about this being the busy time of year. It's always tough to get things done and still enjoy the holidays.

Great sketches. Keep posting stuff like this and you will keep us all happy.

Steve Daye said...

Oh how I'd love to see your library!
Great sketches Drazen! Always nice to see a new post from you!

leifpeng said...

Good to see you back and posting again, Drazen! I love your new piece at the top ( scary Morrisey fan chasing opposum? ) and the dps of sketches! What a treat! Are you a Retro Kids contributor? If not, we could sure use your kid's book scans on Flickr!

MikeS said...

That little critter running away from, as Leif said, "a scary Morrissey fan" (that cracked me up!) is just awesome!

The book scans are fantastic too! Thanks for sharing them!

Eric Sturdevant said...

Wow! McNaught did a Howdy Doody book, I love it! Thanks for posting it. Also, thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm a big fan of your art, the sketchbook stuff is great!

the doodlers said...

Hi Drazen! Nice to see you're back! It is such a busy time of year. That guy with the knife chasing the bloated rat is cool. Thanks for the neat blog links to other fine artists and thanks for posting the Howdy Doody. The book looks like it might be a bit later than the fifties... is it early sixties?

Drazen said...

I stil have christmas shopping to do "sob"
but what fun!
Thanks John and Guy.
Well I've let the Smook into my home and he didn't trash the place, if ever you are in the neighborhood you're free to have a sodi pop and browse.
Thanks Leif! hey I just got my blog post up and now yer hitting me with flickr! I'll try to at some point.
Glad you liked the doody Eric, I'll post some more soon.
Hey doodlers, the book is from 1953. I have 3 other Howdy Doody books from the same time but they are done by Art Seiden.
And I see my sketch has failed, the beast is in fact the hipsters pet, kind of like Crispin Glover in Willard, a remake I actually enjoyed.
happy holidays friends!

Matt Jones said...

The top image is flippin' fabulous! Dig your style so much man. Happy holidays to you too.
Catch you in 2006 for more blogasmic fun!

leifpeng said...

Oh, Drazen; Don't say your sketch has failed! The beautiful thing about art is we (the audience ) can interpret it to suit our own needs while the creator satisfies his urge to purge a little soul. That's not failure my friend, that's called a win/win!

giles said...

Love the sketchbook pages and that top piece is brilliant.

Unknown said...

THese are reallly cooooool drawings!! Great characters!