Friday, August 19, 2005

this was based around a greek temple [without Louis] I saw in the travel section last week and got around
to sketching up this mourning.

I've only been to New Orleans once but I thought it was a fantastic place. One good memory of many was seeing soul legend
Andre Williams doing a killer show in a tiny club with local keyboardist Quintron, I liked visiting the cemetary where they shot some scenes for Easy Rider and learning about some of the cool local history. The architecture is beautiful and I love cajun cooking.
Well every year we have "ahem"a Mardi gras in my neighborhood and well it aint much but theres some zydeco music
and well...not much else. But its a few blocks away. So throwing Confusious' advice to the wind we munched down some
questionable, spicy jumbalya and I did some sketches. not much to write home about much less put on a blog but here they are anyway.
the jumbalya

the sketches..the folks around the not so cajun chip truck. I was hoping for an old fashioned creole duel but no such luck.

the always mystical fortune teller..

and lastly the majician and balloon twister..


carla said...

Wonderful stuff...lotsa local color! I'd love to be able to capture people like that, but i guess it takes going out there and doing it. Hey, I'm going to check out the book you recommended (Please Kill Me). I enjoy reading that kind of stuff. It was really cool to be in NY at that time. I was at a party once and I was talking to one of the Dead Boys (can't remember who), and right in the middle of our conversation, he took his cigarette and held it to his arm. He just kept talking to me as he was burning himself, never missing a word or flinching! Weird, huh?

Drazen said...

thanks Carla, sounds like a punk moment allright!
the book starts in the mid 60s with the Velvet Undeground and then the stooges and up into the 70's.
I thought it was great history of musical scene in New York over that time period and lots of kooky