Monday, August 08, 2005

I was going to do this up north {caledon] over the weekend so I thought I would do something that I could just ink with no computer colour. Also I walked through some woods so I had woods on my mind. I had another idea that was more of a spot
but I went ahead with this.

I had meant to mention this when I first posted this illustration so I'm adding it now. One of the things I was thinking about
when I drew this was a story from the book Ib Melchior, Man of Imagination. Its a Biography on the film director of the b-movies "Angry Red Planet. Robinson Crusoe on Mars and he worked on the script of a Mario Bava movie I love "Planet of the Vampires". He was also a spy in the war and lead a very interesting life. He talks about a story he remembers as a kid about a boy who , with his horse pulling a sled with a big vat on it, is returning home in the snow at night. Suddenly a group of wolves start to chase him. He can't outrun them, he can't fight them, whatever he does he's dead, except, he stops the sled, turns the vat over and crawls under it, he let the horse go to run back to his house so his parents would no something was up and the boy was safe under the vat.

These are some quick sketches from the weekend. I got stung by a wasp which was like the 5th time this year. It made me laugh. I hadn't been
stung by a bee, wasp or hornet my entire life but this year when we were moving a couch off our porch to dump in the garbage I was swarmed and stung about 5 times. There was a nest under the cushions just starting. I hosed them down and got rid of the couch. They kept coming back for a couple of days.


carla said...

Good one! I like it in b & w. The sketches are lovely, too.

Marion said...

The first picture is very good and funny!

Anonymous said...

How are they going to prepare? I can only see one using the other as a decoy ... great ink illustration!

andrew said...

You're very adept at those nature scenes, aren't you! I've been working on that myself lately, although the vegetation is quite different here!

Your illustration for Empty, so far, is my favorite of all the current submissions!

excellent work!

Kactiguy said...

Excellent Drazen. This is truely an amazing piece. Your black and white work blows me away. How big do you work?

Jeope said...


My brain is tied up: this cartoon reminds me of something, but I just can't think of what it is. Curses!

btw, it's very, very good. The scenics are just gravy.

angelique said...

Yours is another one of my favorite's for this week's "empty" - quite humorous. I love the vintage quality, and all the detail in your ink work.

Valaine said...

great work!!

Denis said...

Excellent one Drazen, as usual. Love the B & W. And cool watercolors too. Just let me know when you'll start working on your book: "The Art Of...Drazen", I want a copy.

Drazen said...

thanks Carla, marion, anonymous,
thanks andrew, I wouldn't mind sketching me some of that bahamas vegetation!
Thanks Guy, this piece is about 12 by 10 inches. My stuff usually [depending on the subject] is under 14 by 18
or so.The sketchbooks are usually 4 by 6 and 11 by 14. Glad you liked this one.
Thanks jeope!it'll come to ya.
angelique and valaine- thanks
Denis- thanks a bunch. I'll reserve you a copy!

Wignke said...

Great b&w piece. It reminds me of the work of Edward Gorey.

Uloo said...

Oh, that's a very clever cartoon, [b]Drazen[/b]. Nice setting and expressions. Well done. That wolf story reminds of a retelling of Red Riding Hood by Tanith Lee. As I recall, a wedding party, traveling in sleighs, is pursued by wolves. Very frightening story! Yikes!

Uloo said...

Darn, I used the wrong brackets. Now my comment looks ugly.

Drazen said...

Thanks wignke ! ahhh Mr Gorey! I would recommend any/all of his books
and the terrific book of his interviews Ascendinng Peculiarity. I'd like to visit his house some day.
Uloo! thanks jon. I've only read one Tanith Lee collection and its in a box in the basement somewhere. It was all based on fairy tales updated and creepy. I can't remember the title but I thought the stories were terrific. Maybe its in there but I'd have to reread to remember. The story above was told to a wee Ib in Denmark and made a profound influence on him about getting out of problems when there seemed no way out.
are you throwing a hex on me with those crazy bracketss? :-}

Fulton Beal said...

What a kick in the ass
For we ran out of gas
In quite a precarious spot
But I can't help but wonder
If we'll be torn asunder
When wolves find what treat that they've got

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Loving the sketches....Amazing trees with individual personality. And the portrait is arresting.