Friday, August 05, 2005

i've been looking at bunch of old stewardess clothing designs and old cool 60's ,70's plane interiors. Back when a stewardess
had to look good in Hot Pants! ahh the good old days :-). anyway I did some doodles and I finished this one up a bit back. There was that awful plane crash in Toronto a couple of days back and thankfully no one died. Thought I would post this as a little tribute to the brave ladies of the air.

and in the same vein [somewhat] this mourning I threw on the turntable, the Nerves 10 inch with my coffee which has a great plane flying song on it, "One Way Ticket". They only ever put out an ep in 77 but its killer 70's punk[just a dollop] power pop all the way. I picked up the reissue a few years back in San Francisco. They did the original version of "Hanging on the Telephone" which Blondie covered on their Parrallel Lines album. This record makes me very happy.

Illustrator Guy Francis has a great blog , So, Cat Tacos, [] and he posted a drawing of a falcon he and his daughter did. So I thought post something by my neice Sabrine who is 5 and half. When we get together, after we get through talking about monsters we get to drawing them. This isn't a monster but a witch. She asked me to draw Frantic Search last time I was over and after I did my quick sketch she improved on Voila..


Kactiguy said...

Fantastic! She has talent. Which one is yours? I think this is one of the best things about being a children's illustrator. I get a lot of kids drawing pictures for me. I think it's awesome. I also have a very talented niece (8 years old) She is one of the most creative kids I've ever seen. I've taught college students that couldn't do that kind of work. If only we could keep thinking with an 8 years old mind.

Wowsers on the stewardess. Fly the friendly skies!

I gotta get me a copy of your new book too. I think it will be a best seller.

Fulton Beal said...

Great stuff, I think its one of the finer nicities of being a parent or uncle/aunt is getting to draw together with the little ones. All I seem to get out of mine are scribbles half the time, but darned if they aren't the most beautiful scribbles around :) Lovely stewardess also

Drazen said...

Thanks Guy and Fulton! Yeah, drawing with kids is fun.

Anonymous said...
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