Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A quick post.
Lee Browne Coye was a pulp illustrator and he did a lot of work for Arham House, the publishers who first released in book form the supernatural stories of HP Lovecraft and his circle. I've always enjoyed Coyes work and in the last Illustration Magazine there was an article on him as well as a mention of a forth coming book about him which I'm looking forward too. This is his cover to a Lovecraft collection and the top coffin piece is from the Arkham horror story collection "Sleep No More."
Also an oddball item I picked up a few years back. Sort of like the Edward Gorey Dracula paper set this as a set of paper cutouts of Lovecraft and his cirlce [not all here]. the set included a desk as well that you could gather them around. Pictured is Lovecraft,

Conan creator Robert Howard and eerie writer and sculptor Clark Ashton Smith. All these writers surely had an influence on Hellboy as well as countless other things.

and finally some real "gasp" [courtesy of a 50's satruday evening post] and not so real head shrinking fun.
They make great gifts so send them to your friends [or me!]


Alina Chau said...

THese are neat!!

Jeff said...

Cool that you're giving Coye some much-deserved props...I have an old hardcover Lovecraft collection ("Dagon") released around the same time as the one above, and his cover illo is creepy, stylish, and very, very detailed. One of the best of the best Weird Tales artists.

Anonymous said...

Neat - I recognize the style, but I have no idea who Coye was until now. Thanks guys!

I have a copy of Arkham Horror (board game) that (dork) I'm playing later this month. Yay, Howard Phillips!