Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Illustrator Michael Fleming has a great illustration blog , Tweedlesketch, but I've also been enjoying his wonderful halloween mp3 posts of halloweeny goodies and other fun . Have a listen at
  • pop debris

  • I'm going to try and post various random spooky themed things I like and happen to feel like posting.

    J C Leyendecker is one of my favourite illustrators from the golden age of american illustration. An amazing draughtsman and
    profilic worker I've seen a bunch of his original canvases and sketch canvases and I'm always blown away by them. A huge infuluence on Norman Rockwell, Rockwell payed him a nice tribute when he stopped short of doing more Saturday Evening Post covers and beating JC's record out of respect. Not known for spooky covers I've always loved this witch Post cover I got many years ago.

    Lynd Ward is arguably the father of the graphic novel. His picture novel in wood cuts, "Gods Man" came out in 1929 and is a haunting faustinan tale of starving artist. Its been reprinted in editions that I don't think do it justice and I've never seen it look as awesome as in the orignal 20's edition.

    He also illustrated books like Frankenstein and Faust and a large Haunted Omnibus in 1937 from which the second picture is taken.


    Pajara Pinta said...

    very interesting... I would like to see the illustrations of Faust... have you seen the? are they also woodcut?


    Nick Sung said...

    Huh! That Lynd Ward stuff looks pretty interesting... are you a big fan of Rockwell Kent?

    That Leyendecker cover is cool too. Both the Iron Scythe and I recently put up posts about him. Where did you see the originals??

    Drazen said...

    Pajara-I have the Frankenstein but not the Faust. My favourites of his are the two books I posted tho his other graphic novels like Vertigo are real cool . THere was big collection of these graphic novels released in the 70's called Storyteller without Words,

    NIck- I've never been too big a big Rockwell Kent fan. I like do like a lot of german expressionist type woodcuts tho.
    I've been too Illustration House in New York a number of times and they have let me look at stuff they have that is going up for auction and sale. The first time I went they had a quite a few canvases and the last time they had some great sketch canvases. They're wild too look at because it looks like he doesn't have a moments doubt what he's doing. The upstairs room of the Society of Illustrators has One [along with other incredible pieces]
    and I've seen a couple at other illustration galleries.