Saturday, December 12, 2015


I'm not the biggest taxidermy guy. I only have one stuffed lizard I got as a gift years ago but when two bear skin rugs appeared at a thrift store I had to have one. Half price was the following day so I held out, one had sold for regular price but the one I wanted was still there ( tho I have to admit I think the lady at the counter tucked it aside for me when she found out I wanted it since it was no longer displayed prominently bless her). I did something I've never  done before and lined up before the opening of the store. I barely squeezed buy this big bearded eastern European guy who picked a bad spot at the counter on the wrong end.. he was pissed and started yelling at the cashier and me. Sorry buddy one of us slavs had to get it. Anyway she's a charming gal and also a valuable art tool for sketching a bears head and night time escapades. I don't condone hunting for sport in any way and would never buy something like this new. This was donated so someone had to buy it and the store helps the community.

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