Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frank Frazetta passed away the other day and tho his medical difficulties were well known its still a
sad moment. Like many kids I was snared by his jacket illustrations but it was through these early collections of his work that I came to appreciate most his draughtsmanship and staggering pen and brush work in comics, books and his 60's film posters.
I'm happy I made the road trip a couple of years back to see his house and museum, meet Ellie and
take in the originals and be blown away by his pen and ink work in the flesh. Like being a kid again!
Thanks Frank!
You can click on the label below to see photos of that trip from a previous post.


Rich Dannys said...

People rave about the Paintings, and I guess rightfully so.. But dang, the man was simply the King Of LINE, wasn't he? Knowing where to put it, and knowing how thick/thin it oughta be!

Seeing the photos of the trip again, was good fun. Glad I got to share the experience with you & Sergio.. Especially now that the Museum doesn't really exist anymore!

Drazen said...

Me too it, was a great time!