Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A couple of months back Alison brought home an advance copy of a new english translation of Nicholas, written by the
co creator of Asterix, Goscinny and drawn by cartoonist Sempe. I think this is the first time the book has been translated into English and available here but I'm not sure about that. French children grew up with with these stories after it was published in 1959. I love the drawings by Sempe in this book and thought I would post a couple pix. From Phaidon books.

On my daily bike ride I stopped in at the neighborhood book store and right out front in the 50 cent box was a first printing of S. J Perelmans THe Swiss Family Perelman with killer illustrations by Hirshfeld. I have Westward Ha and Hirshfelds show business book so I was real happy get this. Ended the evening by watching the Fritz Lang Noir, Clash by Night with beautiful Marily Monroe looking like referance for a Frazetta romance comic.


Stef said...

Hey Drazen!
I remember those when I was a kid in France, they're so good! I had some original copies, don't know where they are anymore unfortunately, I thought about buying them again in English when I saw them in a comic book shop in London, but I'll try to find in French in Paris.
Great stuff!

Nick Sung said...

Petit Nicolas is great! I'm a big fan of Sempe's work. I got a nice book of his illustrations at PAGES on Queen St. a while back.

And that Hirschfeld book looks amazing!
Cool stuff sir.

Virginia Valle said...

Oh thanks :) the book is look great !! I didnt know this book :)...I 'll try to find :)

Matt J said...

Thanks for posting the Hirschfeld work - been mad for him all summer after the exhibitions in London but hadn't seen the Perelman illos before.

Drazen said...

No problem Matt
If you can find those two perelman books and Hirshfelds own "Show Business is no Business" they are well woth.
Packed with amazing illos.

natascha said...

Le petit Nicolas is so good!! I love it!!

Uloo said...

Wow! Thanks for mentioning both these items, Drazen. Now I must find my very own copies.

Kat said...

Hi, lucky find! I love Hirschfeld. His line quality is so exquisite. he was also a master at caricature but that is obvious. thanks for sharing!

nick said...

intriguing. i had no idea it was french.
i have Nicholas on Holiday, and Nicholas and the Gang. both translated by Anthea Bell, 1978 and 1976 respectively.
childhood favourites.

nick said...

good god. i just read the first few stories in Nicholas on Holiday. these are awful! no wonder i have such a bad sense of humour.